Data Erasure

Your computer hard disk may contain confidential data such as social security number, credit card number, driver’s license number, bank account details and health information. Leakage of such data might cause immense financial loss and could jeopardize relations with your customers.

When you are using computers, you spend a lot of time and money protecting data. But what happens when the computers become too old to use and you need to discard them and purchase new ones? Have you considered what happens to the data stored on the hard disks of your old computers? You may delete the data, but that isn’t sufficient, because that only removes pointers to your stored data and not the data itself. Sophisticated data recovery software can extract data even after you have deleted it.

The solution is to use data erasure techniques that overwrite existing data with 1s, 0s or other random streams of bits, making it impossible to recover old data.

Eagle provides data erasure services as part if IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) services, which include:

  • Physical inspection of IT asset
  • Functionality test to check whether all parts of an asset are working
  • Repairing faulty parts
  • Data wiping
  • Providing a certificate of erasure
  • Asset cleaning
  • Asset tagging
  • Packaging

Be secure, get your data erased professionally

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