EOSL Support

Customer Challenges with EOSL Products
Manufacturers of server, storage and networking work on a 3-5 year life cycles after which their products are declared End-of-Service-Life (EOSL) making it difficult to get support.
Even through existing assets may be adequate to handle, customers have no option but to invest in new ones.
When there is a wide range of products installed, it becomes necessary to deal with fragmented service providers leading to problem in determining ownership of issues between them.
Maintaining EOSL products can become quite challenging because of the high cost involved.

Advantage Eagle
By offering services and genuine spare parts for EOSL equipment, Eagle helps maintain them even after their official life is over. Here are the advantages:

  • One service provider for whole inventory
  • One number to call
  • Wide range of EOSL assets covered viz. server, storage, networking, laptop, desktop, printer workstation etc.
  • Wide experience in maintaining EOSL equipment from HP, HPE, IBM, Sun/Oracle, Dell/EMC, Cisco, Lenovo among others
  • Access to support specialists

Why replace old servers, storage or networking when you can extend their life?