IBM Power AC 922 Server

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Mentor the data scientists the world needs tomorrow

Organisations the world over have started implementing Artificial Intelligence(AI) and want to develop AI workload software on specific Deep Learning frameworks like Tensorflow, Caffe, PyTorch, Theano.

Universities and colleges are therefore embracing AI, ML and Deep Learning curriculum to groom their students for the future. IBM’s Power AI provides the right toolset for you to set up an AI lab/Competency Centre at your institute.

Power AI is a collection of the most popular open source frameworks with supporting software and libraries in a single installable package. The IBM Power System AC922 is optimised to run both DL frameworks and machine learning workloads.

The Power AI platform:
Adds unique capabilities like Large Model Support, Distributed Deep Learning and Snap ML to address real life challenges.
Includes a Deep Learning Container Cloud to spinoff on-premise container with any of the Open Source Frameworks, ensuring optimal resource utilisation.
Offers GPU accelerators with additional infrastructure innovations to get your insights faster.

IBM Power System AC922 – Technical Specifications

8335-GTH Server 1:8335 Model GTH 1
Primary OS – Linux 1
Rack Indicator- Not Factory Integrated 1
4.3m (14-Ft) 1PH/32A Power Cord 2
Language Group Specify – US English 1
Ubuntu Linux License Core Counter 32
AC Power Supply – 2200 WATT (200-240V/277V) 2
Open Power non-virtualized configuration 1
NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU with NVLINK Air-Cooled (16 GB) 2
Rack-mount Slide Rail Kit 1
1TB 7.2k RPM 5xx SATA SFF-4 Disk Drive 2
8 GB DDR4 Memory 16
16-core 2.7 GHz (3.3 GHz Turbo) POWER9 Processor 2
IBM PowerAI  V1.5 1

Note: The configuration of the server can be changed as per the requirement from the customer.
IBM Cloud Private Community Edition can be downloaded from the below link for free.
ICP-CE download
ICP-CE Documentation

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