IT Hardware Maintenance

With 25 years experience and network of 10 Offices and 408 Support locations, Eagle is one of India’s largest Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) companies. Our expertise in spare parts and arrangement with logistics companies enable us to source parts easily and ensure timely delivery to customer locations. Our trained engineers and help desk executives are part of a motivated team committed to delivering services within SLA. Statutory compliances are in place so that our business is conducted smoothly. Partnership with leading OEMs helps us stay in touch with latest technologies and enhances our knowledge ware, which is so essential for providing good maintenance services.

Wide Range of Assets Covered
We believe that when a customer contracts a vendor for providing maintenance of IT assets, he/she would like all his/her assets to be serviced by the same vendor. Consequently, Eagle provides support for wide range of asset categories viz. Server, Storage, Networking, Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Thin Client, Printer, Scanner, Plotter & UPS.

Multi-Vendor Support
Eagle has expertise in maintaining IT equipment from all leading OEMs active in India in the product categories supported by it. For large customers or 3rd Party Maintenance Companies, our ability to provide multi-vendor support across a wide range of assets results in ease-of-business and for some, an enabler.

EOSL Support
Manufacturers of server, storage and networking often work on 3-5 year life cycles after which products are declared End-of-Service-Life (EOSL). After that it becomes difficult to get support. Even through existing assets may be adequate to handle software workload, customers have no option but to invest in new equipment. By offering support and genuine spare parts for EOSL assets, Eagle helps maintain them even after their official life is over. Why replace when we can help extend life of your existing equipment?

Our capability in maintenance depends on over 50 engineers and help desk executives skilled in supporting a wide range of IT assets. Certification completed by our engineers include those from HP, IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Sophos, Fortinet among others. Regular upgradation of skills is essential and Eagle invests heavily in technical and soft skills training. A well equipped training facility at our service centre in Delhi provides in-house training to our engineers. Training modules cover repair of server, storage, networking, laptop and printer. Extensive courseware has been developed for these training modules.

Service Processes
Eagle provides service to customers according to contracted SLA. Coverage of 24×7 or 9×5, response time of 4hrs or NBD and resolution time of 6ctr, 2BD, 3BD or on best effort basis are provided to suit customer requirement. To ensure seamless service delivery we have developed systems and processes related to ticket recording and handling, parts tracking, partner payments, SLA monitoring, customer satisfaction survey and regular reporting on daily, monthly or quarterly basis.

Expertise in Parts
Parts have long been Eagle’s special area of expertise. Eagle provides parts for repair and upgradation of all IT asset categories maintained by it. Our experts have the ability to predict parts required to fix breakdowns, suggest alternate part numbers and plan parts inventory for respective maintenance contracts. We maintain parts in each of our 10 service locations as well as at customer premises, if required to meet SLA. Parts are sourced from OEMs in India and vendors in over 25 countries across the globe.

A diverse country like India with 30 states has multiplicity of entry forms required for movement of goods into different states. Eagle has the necessary statutory registrations required for this. For movement of parts, we have agreements with leading logistics vendors viz. DHL for international logistics, Fedex & DTDC for within-India forward logistics and Fedex for reverse logistics. For urgent delivery of parts we use time-definite delivery (TDD) services from our logistics vendors.

All-India Support
With offices at 10 locations and a partner network, Eagle provides support at 408 locations across India. Each of Eagle’s 10 offices at New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Guwahati, Lucknow, Dehradun and Chandigarh acts as a service hub to manage services within its territory through Eagle’s own engineers or through partners managed from the respective office. With our network, no location in India is so remote that we cannot support there.

Our partner network is continuously expanding and will eventually cover each of the 700 districts of India. With this, we aim to be within 40 KM of any location in India, making it possible to maintain widely distributed IT installation such as in banks, post offices, telecom, defense organisations, petrol pumps and electricity distribution networks. Out network is being used by service delivery companies to increase their reach and even product distribution vendors to roll out their after-sales network.