Aruba 2540 Layer2 Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch (10/100/1000 Mbps):

Product Highlights: 

  • routing, Aruba Layer 2 switch series with static and RIP ACLs, and robust QoS.
  • Security and network management via Aruba. Resiliency  and high availability.
  • Clear Pass Policy Manager, Aruba AirWave and Aruba Central. The energy-efficient design delivers power savings.
  • Simple deployment with Zero Touch Provisioning. Simplified Configuration and  Management.
  • Convenient 10 GbE uplinks and up to 370 W PoE+.  Software-defined ready with REST APIs.
  • Unified Wired and Wireless.
  • Dual flash images provide independent primary and secondary operating system files for backup while upgrading
  • Traffic prioritization (IEEE 802.1p) allows real-time traffic classification into eight priority levels mapped to eight queues


Product Overview: 

Designed for the digital workplace, the Aruba 2540 Switch Series is optimized for today’s mobile and IoT needs. The switches are easy to deploy, use and manage using Aruba AirWave or Aruba Central. Aruba Clear Pass offers centralized security and external captive portal support. The Aruba 2540 Switch Series provides a convenient and cost-effective wired access solution that can be quickly set up with Zero Touch Provisioning. PoE+ models deliver power across all access ports for wireless APs, security cameras, and other IoT devices. Class of service (CoS) sets the IEEE 802.1p priority tag based on IP address, IP Type of Service (ToS), Layer 3 protocol, TCP/UDP port number, source port, and DiffServ 2540 has wire-speed backhaul bandwidth capacity with built-in 10 GbE uplinks, robust QoS, static and RIP routing, IPv6 and includes a limited lifetime warranty with no software licensing required.


Aruba 2540 24G 4SFP+ Switch (JL354A) Aruba 2540 24G PoE+ 4SFP+ Switch (JL356A) (JL356ACM1) Aruba 2540 48G 4SFP+ Switch (JL355A) Aruba 2540 48G PoE+ 4SFP+ Switch (JL357A)
I/O ports and slots 24 RJ-45 autosensing 10/100/1000 ports, Duplex:  half or full 24 RJ-45 autosensing 10/100/1000 PoE+ ports Duplex: half or full 48 RJ-45 autosensing 10/100/1000 ports  Duplex:  half or full 48 RJ-45 autosensing 10/100/1000 PoE+ ports,Duplex:  half or full
1 dual-personality (RJ-45 or USB micro-B) serial console port 1 dual-personality (RJ-45 or USB micro-B) serial console port 1 dual-personality (RJ-45 or USB micro-B) serial console port 1 dual-personality (RJ-45 or USB micro-B) serial console port
Memory and processor Dual Core ARM® Coretex A9 @ 1016 MHz, 1 GB DDR3 SDRAM; Packet buffer size: 12.38 MB 4.5 MB Ingress/7.875 MB Egress, 4 GB eMMC
Management and Monitoring Aruba Central; Aruba AirWave Network Management; IMC – Intelligent Management Center; Command-line interface; Web browser; Configuration menu; SNMP manager; Telnet; RMON1; FTP; Out-of-band management (serial RS-232C or micro USB).
Throughput up to 95.2 Mpps up to 95.2 Mpps up to 112.0 Mpps up to 112.0 Mpps
Switching Capacity 128 Gbps 128 Gbps 176 Gbps 176 Gbps
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty, see for warranty & support system


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