HP Z4 Graphic Workstation

HP’s most popular workstation the HP Z4 Graphic Workstation delivers mainstream performance for a wide spectrum of applications. With server-grade processing and a full set of components you get everything you need, nothing more. With multiple configuration options, you can choose the perfect blend of components that meet your performance requirements. A high frequency processor with a multi-core count is fully capable of handling the demands of 3D CAD and rendering software, so you can visualize your idea anytime during the design process.
Support your unique user needs with a choice of Windows 10 Pro 64 or Linux® operating systems. Run demanding professional apps with the newest generation Intel® Xeon® processors with up to 10 cores.
with access to a breadth of NVIDIA® and AMD professional graphics from entry to high-end 3D. Multiple high-speed network connections are easy and speedy with dual embedded 1GbE LAN ports. Optional self-encryption drives thwart outside access so your valuable IP won’t fall into the wrong hands.

Technical Specifications

Title HP Z4 G4 /750 W/Xeon W-2223 3.6Ghz 4C/16GB DDR4 RAM/512GB M.2 SSD/Nvidia P2200 5GB graphics/Win 10 Pro 64/3 year warranty HP Z4 G4 1000 W/Core i9-10900X 3.7GHz 10C/32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 2933 NECC/2TB 7200 SATA 3.5in/Nvidia P2200 5GB graphics/Win 10 Pro 64/3 year warranty HP Z4 G4 /1000 W/Xeon W2245 3.9Ghz 8C/32GB DDR4 RAM/512GB NVMe + 1TB SATA/Nvidia RTX A4000 16GB/DVD RW/Win 10 Pro 64/3 year warranty HP Z4 G4 /Intel Core X i9-10900X 3.7 Ghz  10Core CPU/16GB DDR RAM/512 M.2 PCI NVMe SSD + 1 TB SATA 7200/DVD-RW/Nvidia Quadro RTX2080 8GB /Win 10 Pro/3 Year warranty HP Z4 G4/1000w/INTEL XEON W-2235 3.8 Ghz  6 Core CPU/16GB DDR4 RAM/512Gb PCIe NVMe SSD+ 1TB7200 SATA/DVD-RW/Nvidia Quadro RTX2080  with 8GB /Win 10 Pro /3 year warranty
Model HP Z4 G4 Workstation
Processor Intel Xeon W-2223 3.6Ghz 4C Intel Core i9-10900X 3.7GHz 10C Intel Xeon W2245 3.9Ghz 8C Intel  X i9-10900X 3.7 Ghz  10Core Intel Xeon W-2235 3.8 Ghz  6 Core
Operating System Windows 10 pro
Memory 16 GB 2933 ECC  RAM 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 2933 NECC RAM 32GB DDR4 2933 ECC RAM 16GB DDR4 2933 nECC RAM 16GB DDR4 2933 ECC RAM
Hard Drive Size 512 GB SSD 2TB HDD 1TB HDD+ 512 GB SSD
Video Card Nvidia P2200 5GB graphics Nvidia P2200 5GB graphics Nvidia RTX A4000 16GB Nvidia Quadro RTX2080  with 8GB Nvidia Quadro RTX2080  with 8GB
Ports Front: 1 headset connector; 4 USB 3.1 (1 charging)
Front (Premium version): 1 headset connector; 2 USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C™; 2 USB 3.1 Gen1 (1 charging)
Rear: 1 audio-in; 1 audio-out; 1 PS/2 keyboard port; 1 PS/2 mouse port; 1 serial; 2 RJ-45 (1 GbE); 6 USB 3.1 Gen 1
(The Intel® Core™ X-Series processor configurations only have one RJ45 port and 5 Rear USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports available. The serial port is optional.)
Item Weight Starting at 22.4 lb; Starting at 10.2 kg (Exact weight depends on configuration.)
Accessories Included Keyboard and Mouse
Warranty 3 Years onsite  Warranty


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