Refresh your Old Hardware

If you are using hardware which is more than 3 or 4 year old, there is a strong case for replacing your old hardware with new. Here are some of the advantages:

Faster and Smaller
Rapid development in technology has made new hardware much faster and more compact. Processors with more cores and threads, higher capacity hard disks, SSDs and faster RAM mean that a single server can handle the same workload as multiple servers few years ago. With exponential increase in the volume of data straining your computing resources, your choice is between continuing with older hardware which fills a room but does not work satisfactorily or buying new hardware which takes much lesser spare and handles the load much better. 

It is Cheaper
When you refresh old hardware, you need fewer servers than earlier, which means you save real estate cost in housing your data center. Power required in running hardware and maintaining air-conditioning reduces to a fraction. With new hardware, you do not have to pay for post-warranty maintenance because new hardware often comes with 3 year warranty. Overall, the reduction in TCO is sufficient to consider refreshing older hardware with new.

We Buyback your Old Hardware
When you buy new hardware from us, we offer buyback for your old hardware. You get back some value for your investment and also avoid the inconvenience associated with discarding old hardware. When we buyback your old hardware, we refurbish it for use by other customers who may need it for running legacy applications, for standby or cannibalizing for spare parts to be used in maintenance.

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