Repair Services

At our service centres, we repair Servers, Printers & Laptops of all brands. Now, whenever you have a breakdown, just send the faulty equipment to us and get it repaired.

Convenient Locations
Our service centres are based in convenient locations so that it is easy for you to send your faulty equipment for repair.

Multiple Brands
Bring your Server, Printer or Laptop from HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba or Sony for hassle free repair. We handle breakdowns related to battery, adapter, LCD screen, keyboard, motherboard, CPU, HDD, power supply, optical drive, software, drivers etc.

Chip Level Repair
We have skills in chip lever repair and use SMD Repair Station for SMD ICs and BGA Rework Station for BGA ICs.

Diagnostic Tools
You are assured of a professional approach towards repair. We use advanced Diagnostic tools including Battery Tester, LCD Tester, Motherboard Tester rather than use hit and try methods for diagnosis.

Hi Quality Parts
The quality of repair is directly related to the quality of spare parts used. We use parts which are quality certified, genuine and covered under warranty.

Multiple Cities
Our service centres are located in 20 cities across the country, assuring you of the same level of service, quality and post-service warranty at any of these service centres.

1-Month Warranty
Every equipment serviced carries a 1 month warranty assuring you peace-of-mind.

Courteous Service
Visit us and be assured of being greeted with courtesy. What’s more, our consultative approach helps you understand your faulty equipment better and makes it serve you longer.