IT Maintenance

We provide IT Maintenance across India

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Become unstoppable

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Maintaining your Enterprise Assets

When you are a large corporation with a global footprint, your IT assets are critical for your enterprise. The servers, storage and networking in your data centers are the backbone of your success. We provide maintenance services to ensure 99.99% uptime of your IT infrastructure.

Maintaining your End-User Assets

We maintain your end user assets such as laptop, desktop, tablet, thin client, printer, plotter, scanner and UPS. When your computers are running smoothly, your employees give you maximum productivity. Our service infrastructure spans across 700+ locations and we can support all your IT assets across India.

Need Synology Products?

As an authorized Synology Service Provider, we ensure that your equipment receives expert care and attention backed by our extensive knowledge and experience.

Save Cost

Manufacturers work on a 3-5 year life cycle, after which it is not easy to get support for your IT Assets. Even though your existing assets may be adequate, you have no option but to invest in new ones. By offering maintenance support, we help you use them even after their official life is over. Why replace your old IT assets, when we can help you extend their life?

Keep Going

Eagle’s motto is to Keep Going. As a service company, we ensure that your computers keep going and your work never stops. Our entire team is dedicated and motivated with this spirit. It is the greatest value we bring to you.