Upgrade your VMWare Vsphere to version 7

VMWare has announced vSphere end-of-Support life on versions 6.5 & 6.7. Upgrade to VMWare vSphere 7 now. Eagle can help you upgarde and update your older version of vSphere with qualified engineers for the migration process.

Why upgrade to vSphere 7

Kubernetes Support and Integration :

Use Kubernetes containers in a cluster with load balancing and HA, enabling you to take advantage of modern applications and workloads.

New DRS Features :

DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler) is now updated to a robust feature to look after the resources for each VM and focus on them rather than the ESX hosts, thereby provide equal balance across your hosts.

Improved Physical Infrastructure security :

The vSphere 7 now supports Multi Factor Authentication.

vTA – vSphere Trust Authority :

Encryption using a new Management Cluster separate from other clusters to serve as the root of the trust, distributing keys for the KMS.

Widely supported OS Platrorms :

Windows Server 2019, Ubuntu 19, SUSE Linux 11.x, RHEL 8.x, CentOS 8.x and others are now officially supported.

Licensing scheme :

It is now “per CPU socket,” although only up to 32 cores per socket; more than 32 cores and you need to apply for a second “socket license” to the same socket to cover another 32 cores.

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