The Dell PowerVault ME5012 Storage Array is a cutting-edge storage solution designed for businesses seeking a simple, fast, and affordable storage solution. With its impressive performance, scalability, and ease of use, the Dell PowerVault ME5012 sets a new standard for entry-level SAN/DAS storage workloads. In this comprehensive overview, we will delve into the key features and benefits, highlighting its capabilities and how it can address the storage needs of businesses and your IT needs. You can also check out DELL EMC Unity 380 which is the entry point to the Dell Unity XT Hybrid Flash Array series to know the difference between the two.

What are the key features of Dell PowerVault ME5012?

Chassis Format and Rack Size

The Dell PowerVault ME5012 features an all-in-one chassis format that combines single or dual controllers, internal drive bays, and networking capabilities into a compact 2U rack size. With its streamlined design, the ME5012 can fit seamlessly into existing infrastructure without taking up excessive space. Equipped with dual-active controllers, the efficient machine ensures high availability and redundancy. Each controller is hot-swappable, allowing for seamless failover and uninterrupted operations.

Intel Xeon Processor

The PowerVault ME5012 is powered by an Intel Xeon processor, delivering exceptional performance and processing power. This processor ensures fast data access and efficient data processing, allowing SMBs to handle demanding workloads with ease.

Internal Storage and Drive Bays

It features 12 internal drive bays, capable of accommodating both 3.5″ and 2.5″ drives. This flexibility enables businesses to choose the drive type and capacity that best suits their needs. Whether it’s high-capacity HDDs or high-performance SSDs, the ME5012 can support a wide range of storage options.

System Memory

Each controller in the ME5012 is equipped with 16GB of system memory. This ample memory capacity enables efficient data caching and enhances overall system performance.

Scalability and Capacity

ME5012 offers impressive scalability, allowing businesses to expand their storage capacity as their data grows. With support for up to 264 drives, the ME5012 can accommodate a maximum raw capacity of 5.28PB (with 3xME484 expansion) or 1.83PB (with 9xME424 expansion). This scalability ensures that SMBs can easily adapt their storage infrastructure to meet their evolving needs.

Flexible Connectivity Options:

The Dell PowerVault ME5012 offers various connectivity options, including Fibre Channel (FC), iSCSI, and SAS, providing businesses with the flexibility to integrate the storage array into their existing infrastructure seamlessly.FC and iSCSI offer high-speed and reliable network connectivity, while SAS enables direct attachment to servers for maximum performance.

What are the benefits of using Dell PowerVault ME5012?


The DellPowerVault ME5012 delivers exceptional performance, thanks to its dual-active controllers, Intel Xeon processor, and high-speed data protocols. With its 12GB/sec read and 10GB/sec write throughput, the Dell PowerVault ME5012 can handle demanding workloads with ease, providing fast and efficient data access.

Enhanced Storage Efficiency:

The Dell PowerVault ME5012’s thin provisioning and data deduplication features help optimize storage utilization and reduce costs by eliminating duplicate data. By efficiently managing storage resources, businesses can avoid unnecessary expenditures and allocate resources more effectively.

Improved Data Protection and Availability:

The Dell PowerVault ME5012’s RAID functionality and support for redundant components ensure data protection and minimize the risk of data loss due to hardware failures.With the ability to take frequent snapshots, businesses can restore critical data to specific points in time, reducing downtime and enhancing business continuity.


The Dell PowerVault ME5012 is an affordable storage solution tailored to the budget constraints of SMBs. Dell offers competitive pricing for the ME5012, making it accessible to businesses with limited financial resources.


The Dell PowerVault ME5012’s scalability is a significant advantage for SMBs experiencing data growth. With its support for many drives and expansive raw capacity, the Dell PowerVault ME5012 can easily accommodate increasing data storage requirements.

In addition to the impressive features and benefits of the Dell PowerVault ME5012 Storage Array, businesses can further enhance their IT infrastructure and maximize the utilization of this storage solution through IT staffing services and managed services. You can also check out DELL EMC Unity 380 which is the entry point to the Dell Unity XT Hybrid Flash Array series.

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