Why Professional Services?

Advancements and changes in IT make it necessary to install new hardware or software and implement better technologies. Virtualization and the cloud have changed the way companies organize their applications and data. Open-source software has become reliable and hence a viable option. The explosion of data has seen the need for faster and larger storage and backup systems.

Costly and Time–consuming

For most businesses, maintaining an in-house professional IT team has its own limitations. The need to constantly upgrade skills, retrain on new technologies, and understand diverse functions can be a tiring experience for talent management. Moreover, the cost of such endeavors is seldom worth the hassle.

Trained and Experienced Team

Eagle has trained professionals with relevant experience to help you with the latest technologies. We can help you save time and money. Our professional services provide expert, cost-effective and timely solutions covering:
  • Hardware Installation, Configuration & Deployment – includes racking & stacking of new hardware, integration with existing infrastructure, data erasure services, re-location services
  • Software solutions for Windows, Linux & Unix
  • Implementing Virtualization and HCI based on VMware, Citrix, Hyper-V & Red Hat
  • IT Security Implementation – includes IT security assessment, firewall deployment
  • Transforming to the Cloud – Implementing cloud solutions based on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud & IBM Cloud
  • Backup Solutions

All India Support

With 30 years of experience, network of 7 Offices and 700+ Support locations, Eagle is an IT Infrastructure Management and Solutions company. We support enterprise products, end-user devices and software applications, giving you single-vendor coverage for all your support services and solutions. Our expertise in servers, storage and networking helps us to provide support services and solutions to our customers located in every corner of India. Knowledge of system and application software helps us to address customer needs in a comprehensive manner and offer end-to-end solutions. Trained engineers, subject matter experts and help desk executives are part of our motivated team committed to delivering seamless services to our customers. Our adherence to statutory compliances ensures that our business is conducted smoothly. Partnerships with leading hardware OEMs and software providers enable us to leverage their technologies and configure solutions best suited to your needs.

Call at +91-11-69039090 to discuss or email us at sales@eagle.in