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Server Parts

Anti-aging Solutions for Servers
Servers are the backbone of your IT infrastructure, and since they are expensive, acquiring and maintaining them form a significant part of your IT Budget. At Eagle, we understand servers and help you run your existing servers longer.

Viva la Server!
Manufacturers work on a 3-5 year life cycle, after which it is not easy to get support for your server. Even though your existing servers may be adequate, you have no option but to invest in new ones. By offering genuine spare parts for servers, we help you maintain them even after their official life is over. Why replace your old server when we can help you extend its life?

Upgrade your Server
Servers have many up-grading options, particularly Memory, Hard Disk, Processor, Redundant Power Supply and Redundant Fan. When your applications become more demanding, call us for upgrade options!
Server Parts
All Parts you Need
Storage Parts
Data is Wealth
Your organization’s success depends on how safe your data is maintained. Its very survival may depend on it. Can you afford to lose it? Eagle understands storage systems. We stock critical parts such as controllers, HDDs, power supplies, among others, so that your storage systems keep working and you are never without your data.
Networking Parts
Stay Networked
The backbone of your IT infrastructure is its networking. Any breakdown disconnects you from the rest of the world, including customers and employees. It affects your ability to conduct your business smoothly.  Whenever you have a problem with your networking, call us for the parts you need, such as switches, routers, firewalls and power supplies, to keep you connected.
Printer Parts
Rejuvenate your Printers
Printers are essential for your work, and therefore, when one breaks down, it leaves you helpless. At Eagle, we understand printers and provide all the parts needed to get your printer up again! We stock parts such as fuser assembly, formatter, power supply, scanning assembly and roller to ensure immediate delivery.
Plotter Parts
Keep your Plotter Running
Plotters are critical to your organization for architectural design and CAD, so you cannot let them break down for long. We specialize in plotters and can help you with hard-to-find parts such as electronic module, carriage assembly, ink tube assembly and belt.
Now you need not worry about your IT equipment anymore! Eagle has all the parts to keep them going.