Corporate Account

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Corporate Account

Organizations with a large installed base
of laptop computers need to purchase larger
quantities and more regularly.

Such organizations can set up a Corporate Account. Once a Corporate Account is set up, a Representative will contact you to discuss your specific needs and help you plan your purchases.

How to set up a Corporate Account on Eagle.in?

Follow thews simple steps and set up a Corporate Account with us.

  1. Download the Corporate Account Application Form.
  2. Fill the Application and send it to sales@eagle.in
  3. A representative will contact you and help you set up the account.

Corporate Account FAQs

Corporate Accounts can be set up by Companies, PSUs, Government Departments, Educational Institutions, Banks , SMEs and similar organizations.
We will nominate a Representative to work with your organization and help you identify the parts needed for the your laptops. Additional services such as off-line order acceptance, on-site installation support, priority delivery etc. may be delivered based on your special needs. Such services may be charged extra.