HR Processes

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Here is an outline of the HR process in place

Here is an outline of the HR process in place 

Maintaining Attendance Records

  • Attendance management through Zoho People
  • IP & location based attendance marking

Maintaining Leave Records

  • Maintaining records of CL, PL, Compensatory Leave of each employee

Payment of Remuneration

  • Computing Monthly Remuneration using Visual Pay Software
  • Ensuring Salary is paid by 7th of every month
  • Issuing Payslips


  • Updating KRAs & Goals in Zoho People
  • Initiating & completing appraisal cycles
  • Sending appraisal letters

Completing Exit Formalities

  • Getting No Dues Certificate & taking handover
  • Making changes in access to company resources 
  • Conducting exit interview
  • Completing Full and Final settlement

Background Verification

  • Verifying identity, address, education, work experience, references & criminal record of new joinees
  • Managing external Background Verification Agency

Customer Satisfaction

  • Our team is constantly in touch for feedback and corrective action to maximize customer satisfaction

Quarterly Audit

  • Quarterly audit through external auditor ensures our HR Processes and Compliance are followed strictly.

Structured Recruitment Process

We have implemented ZohoRecruit, which is an online talent acquisition system to automate the end-to-end recruitment process

Below are some salient features of ZohoRecruit

  • It is a resume processing tool which ensures that the hiring process can be more reliable and trustworthy
  • Its artificial intelligence helps in selection of right candidates which are graded and ranked based on how much they match the job requirements
  • It gives access to clients who can create new job openings, send feedback for candidates submitted for review and make interview decisions
  • It enables posting of job openings on a custom career page where candidates can apply for the right profile
  • It shows the status of candidates in the recruitment process (screening-to-hiring)
  • It links with various job portals such as Naukri.com, Indeed & Monster
  • Most importantly, it makes hiring very well structured and automates the recruitment process within the software.

Transition & Backup

Ensuring smooth transition from an incumbent vendor and continuing smooth services requires managing resources with tact and empathy. Here are some strategies we use

Below are some salient features of ZohoRecruit


Plan for Excess Resources

We plan for more resources than required, which takes care of any last minute exigencies

Stay Closely in Touch

Our HR Team stays closely in touch with the incoming team to read any signs of discontent so that such matters can be addressed well in time

Mix Rebadged and New Resources

Our effort is to have a healthy mix of rebadged resources who bring with them prior experience of the project  and fresh resources who bring new energy and ideas

Routine Backup

Resources on Bench

We have resources on the bench to manage disruption in the manpower allocated to a project for reasons such as resignations, health issues, indiscipline etc.

Shuffle Resources between Projects

Resources undertaking non time-bound activities such as PM or asset verification can be shuffled between projects to tide over emergencies


To cover shortfall, we offer overtime to existing resources which helps them earn additional income  and also ensures experienced staff is available at the affected site.

HR Compliance

Your company is only as good as your people

Compliance ensures longevity

Remuneration & Compliance

Here is an outline of the HR process in place


Components of Remuneration
  • Basic, HRA, Conveyance, Special Allowance, Bonus, PF, ESI, Leave Encashment, Insurance, Gratuity
Adherence to statutory compliance
  • Minimum Wages, PF, ESI, Gratuity, Bonus, Leaves, Termination
Insurance Benefits
  • ESI, Accidental Insurance, Medical Insurance, Workmen Compensation
  • Gratuity Trust set up as separate legal entity for providing gratuity benefits
  • Group Gratuity Insurance provides cover in case of death of an employee


Grievance Handling
  • GH process in place for handling grievance and redressal
  • Process in place for POSH
  • Committee for handling complaints
  • External POSH member
  • Regular training to employees & others
Safety, Health and Environment
  • Our policy on SHE lays down our guiding principles on ensuring a safe working environment
Business Ethics
  • Our policy on Business Ethics represents our commitment to our values, responsibilities,and ethical obligations