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Eagle provides professional services in designing, execution and maintenance of virtualization solutions using VMWare technology. Whether a new implementation or up scaling of digital transformation under InPrem, Hybrid or cloud based needs.

With vast experience of servicing customers across the country, Eagle is an able service partner to support your success in the Technology virtualization.

Services Offered

  • VMware Planning and Consultation
  • VMware vSphere & Cloud Deployment
  • VMware VM Backup Support
  • VMware Physical to Virtual Migration Support
  • vCenter Server Management
  • VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Implementation & Deployment Services

  • ESXi Hosting : Deployment of the VMware ESXi™ of virtualization solution according to the Customer environment.
  • vCenter Infrastructure Implementation: Customized of VMware vCenter Server® infrastructure according to a VMware standard architecture.
  • vSphere Network Infrastructure Implementation : Deployment of the core network configuration for the virtualization solution.
  • vSphere Storage Infrastructure Implementation: Deployment of the storage infrastructure for the virtualization solution.
  • High Availability Implementation: Deployment of the VMware vSphere High Availability (HA) feature for the virtualization solution.
  • DPM for the virtualization solution according to a VMware standard architecture.
  • Virtual Machine Implementation: Deployment of the virtual machine configurations for the virtualization solution according to a VMware standard architecture.
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